Internet Requirement

These requirements are for students entering in fall 2014. Students entering in fall 2015: your requirements will be available at this page in July.

We require that you have a home internet connection.

Need financial help?

For students using financial aid, the student budget allows US$40 per month to contribute to the cost of internet service. If you expect that your monthly cost will be greater than this and/or if you need assistance in funding installation or setup costs, contact the Financial Aid office once you receive your award letter to see if your budget can be increased to cover this expense.

Internet service choices

If you have applied for and received student housing at Mission Bay or at 145 Irving, your apartment includes a direct connection to the UCSF network, and this automatically meets your internet requirement. All other students are responsible for selecting an internet service provider and purchasing service.

DSL and cable are the most common internet service technologies available in San Francisco. You are responsible for the cost of this service, which averages about US$50 per month. The availability of these services can depend on where you live. Speed and pricing can vary. The service you choose determines what kind of device (DSL, cable modem, or other hardware) is used—a DSL modem from a previous provider might not be compatible with the provider you choose in San Francisco. Consequently, it is unwise to buy a DSL modem or cable modem or other such device without knowing that it is compatible with your chosen service provider.

Secure your home wireless network

If you set up a wireless network at home, we require that you secure it with WPA2 encryption. (Personal wireless networks are not permitted in campus housing, so if you're in campus housing this doesn't apply to you.) For help with setting up WPA2 encryption, contact your internet service provider or your wireless access point manufacturer. UCSF cannot set up your home wireless network for you.

More resources

To obtain further advice on selecting an internet option, use resources such as newspapers, computer magazines, friends, co-workers, search engines on the web, your local library, your local business directory.

Go to: Technology Requirements

Student housing

Mission Bay, Avenue houses, and 145 Irving Street

Wireless internet service is included in your rent. Your computer connects directly to the University high-speed network. At Mission Bay and 145 Irving Street, bedrooms and living rooms also have hard-wired data ports. Routers, hubs, and personal wireless networks are not permitted in order to ensure security of the University network. To report problems with your internet connection, contact Housing Services.

Aldea San Miguel

You can receive internet service from Comcast (cable) or any DSL provider. To report problems with your internet connection, contact your internet service provider.


Contact Housing Services with any questions you might have about student housing.

Access to restricted servers

To access resources that are restricted to members of the UCSF community, use UCSF Virtual Private Network (VPN) or EZproxy.