Hiring Opportunities for Employers

an employer talks to student pharmacists at a career fair

Career Fair )

Enables employers and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students to discuss career opportunities in person

Internship Information Sessions

Companies and healthcare organizations that employ students as intern pharmacists can hold information sessions at UCSF to describe intern opportunities for first- and second-year student pharmacists.

Interested in scheduling an information session to talk with UCSF student pharmacists about intern positions? Contact the Office of Student and Curricular Affairs.

Placement Interviews )

Enables employers to interview graduating PharmD students for professional positions

Job Postings )

Enables employers to distribute job postings for intern and professional positions

More info

Contact Megan Dross.

Information regarding the accreditation status of the School is available at the bottom of our home page: PharmD Degree Program.

About the student pharmacists

The UCSF School of Pharmacy offers a top-ranked, science-focused curriculum to prepare graduates to be medication experts. About 480 student pharmacists are enrolled in the PharmD program and about 120 student pharmacists graduate each June. The four-year Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum provides graduates with a foundation in the basic sciences and a strong clinical orientation. While in school, student pharmacists work in community and institutional settings to gain the 1,500 internship hours required for licensure as a pharmacist in California. Continuing student pharmacists seek intern positions in the San Francisco Bay Area during the academic year (September to June) and throughout California for the summer months (June to September). Each year, about half of the graduates choose to complete residencies immediately after graduation. The other half seek immediate placement in hospitals, community pharmacies, and other settings.