Admissions Step 4: After Applying

You’ll be notified by email

Final admission decisions are emailed to all applicants by March 1. We acknowledge that this waiting period can be a trying time, and we understand the importance of delivering our decision as quickly as possible.

Send your transcripts

Submit copies of your transcripts on schedule as described in Checklist: Transcripts.

Please do not contact us unless…

Your admission status

Your status notification will tell you your admission status.

Waiting for our answer

For some, waiting for our decision can be the hardest part of the application process. If you find that the anxiety is affecting your regular routine too much, consider getting a massage, meditating, or participating in a new activity. Whatever the means, find a way to relax as best you can—you deserve it!

Frequently asked questions about awaiting notification

  1. I really need to know if I've been accepted. Can I call you to find out?
    We notify every applicant as soon as possible. Please do not call our office to check on your status. This hinders the process and delays notification for all applicants. Be patient and wait to hear from us.

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