Admissions Deadlines

For entry in summer 2023

Thu Jul 14, 2022

Mon Oct 3, 2022
  • Priority deadline (new for 2022!)
  • We encourage applicants to consider submit your PharmCAS Application by our October 3 Priority deadline.
  • We encourage applicants to consider submitting your UCSF Application Processing Fee by our October 3 Priority deadline.
  • All transcripts and at least 3 letters of recommendation should be received by PharmCAS and UCSF by this date, if submitting by the Priority deadline. See Checklist: Transcripts for details.
  • Details on our Priority deadline: New PharmD Deadline Structure.

Thu Dec 1, 2022

Dec 2022 to Jan 2023

  • Interview invitations are emailed.
  • Academic Update Window opens: Applicants with changes to their course schedules must enter them in PharmCAS. Fall 2022 grades should also be entered. As soon as fall grades are posted, send your transcripts to PharmCAS. See PharmCAS: Transcripts. See Checklist: Transcripts for more details.

Jan 2022

Interviews held at UCSF School of Pharmacy.

February to March 2023

Admissions decisions are finalized and emailed by March 1.

April 2023

If admitted, expect to receive a variety of mailings and forms which you must complete and return to maintain your admission status.

May to July 2023

  • Admitted and alternate students must submit official transcripts to UCSF. PharmCAS does not forward transcripts. More info and specific deadlines will be provided to admitted and alternate students.
  • Alternates on the waiting list are sent regular updates on their statuses.

Wed Jul 1, 2023

All prerequisite requirements must be completed.

Mon Jul 17, 2023
Tue Jul 18, 2023
Wed Jul 19, 2023
Thu Jul 20, 2023
Fri Jul 21, 2023

Orientation activities. (Tentative dates. Exact dates will be provided to admitted students.)

Mon Jul 24, 2023

Instruction begins.

Frequently asked questions about the calendar

  1. Are you on a quarter system or a semester system?
    Quarter system.
  2. Can I enter at winter or spring quarter?
    No, we admit one class per year.
  3. When is the application deadline?
    Priority Deadline: October 3, 2022.
    Final Deadline: December 1, 2022

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