Checklist: Transcripts

In our application process, you must submit copies of your official transcripts for all college-level course work.


Contact the registrar’s office at each of your schools to get official transcripts. Only official transcripts are acceptable.


All transcripts—including summer term transcripts—must be received by our Final deadline December 1. (We encourage applicants to consider our Priority deadline of October 2.) Contact your schools to order these transcripts well in advance of this deadline. For more information on our deadlines, visit our Admissions Director's blog.


Foreign course work as part of EAP

If you have taken course work outside of the United States which was part of a formal Education Abroad Program (EAP) offered through a United States institution, then that course work is included on your transcripts already; you do not need to request additional transcripts from the foreign institution.

Foreign course work not part of EAP

If you enrolled at an institution outside the United States and if this course work was not part of an Education Abroad Program, see Verifying Prerequisite Course Work From a Foreign College or University for instructions on what must be submitted to UCSF.

Outside evaluations

We accept outside evaluations of foreign course work. See Outside Evaluations.


If you’re a reapplicant (or if you’re not sure of your status), see About Reapplying for special instructions concerning your transcripts.

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