About Reapplying

Who are reapplicants?

If you submitted an application to the UCSF School of Pharmacy PharmD degree program for the fall 2016 or fall 2017 entering class, you are classified as a reapplicant.

Guidelines for reapplicants

Reapplicants must submit both the PharmCAS Application and the Supplemental Application—including the requisite fees—with the following exceptions:


You must submit at least one but no more than four new recommendations. See About Submitting Applicant Recommendations for details. Any new recommendations you submit will be reviewed with the previously submitted recommendations.


  • See Checklist: Transcripts to review the details of what documents must be sent to PharmCAS.
  • The UCSF School of Pharmacy should receive only copies of updated transcripts from foreign institutions. If the foreign transcripts you submitted with your previous application have not changed, you do not need to send another copy to the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

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