Post-Baccalaureate Program


The Interprofessional Health Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program is a year-long, structured program designed for those who have completed the required undergraduate coursework but feel they need a stronger academic foundation to be more competitive in applying to pharmacy school. It is recommended that applicants to this program have been previously unsuccessful in gaining admission to the UCSF School of Pharmacy or any other pharmacy school. Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, underserved communities, and from groups traditionally underrepresented in the pharmacy profession 1 are encouraged to apply.

How does it work?

The program aims to make you more competitive through a comprehensive and structured program. Using a combination of upper-division academic coursework, personalized support in application preparation, and constructive seminars, you will be able to strengthen your application to pharmacy school. The program runs from August 2024 - May 2025, preparing you to apply for the following year's application cycle.

Program curriculum

The comprehensive program is designed to help participants become more competitive pharmacy school applicants. It consists of the following key elements:

  • Two semesters of upper-division science coursework through University of California, Berkeley Extension
  • Personalized support in preparing an application to PharmD programs, including the UCSF School of Pharmacy
  • Workshops focusing on academic, professional, and personal development
  • Interprofessional collaboration with medical and dental post-baccalaureate programs
  • Seminars on topics in health care and opportunities to learn about the field of pharmacy
  • Regular meetings with School of Pharmacy staff and faculty to monitor progress

You will be responsible for taking at least 12 units of academic coursework throughout the fall 2024 and spring 2025 semesters. Participants will be advised as to the appropriate courses needed to enhance their academic profiles. Progress in science courses will be monitored closely and you will be expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout the program.

Successful completion of the program does not guarantee admission to either the UCSF School of Pharmacy or any other pharmacy school.

David Hand

2013-2014 UCSF Pharmacy Post-Baccalaureate Students


To be eligible, we strongly recommend:

  1. Have a minimum GPA of 2.8 or higher (including a minimum 2.8 GPA in the sciences). Exceptions can be made.
  2. Have completed the majority of prerequisites for pharmacy school, with no more than one semester or a quarter of outstanding prerequisite work remaining.
  3. Have completed the following courses:
    • One year of biology with laboratory
    • One year of chemistry with laboratory
    • One year of organic chemistry with laboratory
    • One course of microbiology with laboratory
    • Mathematics (calculus and statistics)
    • English composition
    • Upper-division biological sciences
    • Humanities

Additional Recommendations

  1. Have been previously unsuccessful in gaining acceptance to a school of pharmacy. Exceptions can be made.

Program costs

To view the estimated costs, see Post-Baccalaureate Programs.

Financial aid

Financial aid in the form of loans may be offered to eligible students to assist with fees, living expenses, and the cost of books and supplies. Scholarships may also be available. If admitted, you will be provided with information regarding financial aid options to assist with program expenses.


  • You are responsible for all expenses associated with the program (including relocation and/or living expenses).
  • You will be responsible for finding and providing your own housing for fall and spring semesters.
  • You are responsible for completing and submitting relevant federal financial aid applications (FAFSA and loan materials) before beginning the program.
  • We strongly encourage you to participate in the program as a full-time student.

David Hand

2015-2016 UCSF Pharmacy Post-Baccalaureate Students

How to apply

Since space in the program is limited, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. We review applications on a rolling basis.

A completed application contains:

  1. Online application
  2. Transcripts - unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  3. Essay questions
  4. Current resume or CV
  5. Personal statement (limit: 500 words) addressing your interest in pharmacy as a career and your immediate and long-term professional goals

If you have previously applied to the UCSF School of Pharmacy, you must:

  1. Submit unofficial transcripts for all completed college coursework since your previous application.
  2. Upload a current resume or CV.

Your most recently submitted PharmCAS application will be included in the review process for the post-baccalaureate program.


If you are invited, you must also participate in a virtual interview to be considered.

David Hand

2011-2012 UCSF Pharmacy Post-Baccalaureate Students


The application deadline for the 2024-25 program is June 3, 2024.


Contact Lauren Anderson, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator, at [email protected]


[1] A disadvantaged individual is one who, from an early age, resided in a low-income community or experienced enduring family, societal, or other hardship that significantly compromised educational opportunities. An underserved community is a geographic location or an identified population that is determined medically underserved based on U.S. census data. If you are uncertain about your disadvantaged status, we encourage you to apply.

UC non-discrimination policy

The University of California, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, age, medical condition (cancer-related), ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-era veteran or special disabled veteran. The University also prohibits sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in University programs and activities.

David Hand

2014-2015 UCSF Pharmacy Post-Baccalaureate Students

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