This is the best time to earn a UCSF PharmD.

Pharmacists today are facing entirely new types of therapeutics—the fruits of stunning insights into fundamental science and the causes of disease—and, as a result, new possibilities for prevention and treatment.

They are encountering sea changes in where and how pharmacy is practiced and how health care is delivered.

They are beginning to work under significantly expanded scopes of practice, providing aspects of primary care.

Today’s pharmacists have unprecedented opportunities to apply their expertise in novel ways and across many fields.

The UCSF PharmD graduate—equipped with a powerful combination of mindset, skillset, and compassion—is uniquely prepared to lead the profession through diverse and dynamic careers in this new era.

As a UCSF PharmD graduate you’ll set out ready to …

  • Examine and systematically solve complex pharmacy problems from all angles … not just from a single point of view
  • Apply your exceptional clinical expertise … through compassionate, patient-centered care
  • Be visible, accountable, and effective … whether as part of small interprofessional teams or within complex systems
  • Learn continually … as a matter of course
  • Adapt … to meet the needs of changing situations
  • Explore advanced postgraduate training … and unite your pharmacy expertise in new ways with further advanced training in pharmacy and in other fields

Unique curriculum of learning and preparation

The UCSF PharmD degree curriculum is grounded in science and a scientific approach to thinking. It promotes student professional development through clinical experiences with diverse patient populations and activities outside the classroom, and it is highly integrated.

Scientific thinking is integral to the entire curriculum design. It’s an approach to teaching and learning that progressively builds and integrates your learning while challenging you to question, consider possibilities, identify issues and problems, and learn how to address them effectively. It’s a way of thinking and learning that will serve you well, regardless of how you choose to apply your PharmD over the course of your professional life.

The curriculum gives you the knowledge base and skills you need for a dynamic career in pharmacy as a caring, patient-centered expert in the safe and effective use of medicines, an effective and vocal member of health care teams, and a leader and change maker who spots and solves problems.

We’ll provide the resources and services to support your success as a UCSF PharmD student, and you’ll have tremendous opportunities to lead and serve others in student professional organizations and through community service activities.

The vast majority of our graduates continue on to advanced training—to pharmacy residencies, fellowships, and other types of postgraduate programs—where they build their expertise in patient care, research, and policy. We support and encourage this.


The rigorous, year-round UCSF PharmD curriculum spans three years—allowing you to graduate and pursue advanced training as soon as possible. Most PharmD degree programs today are four-year programs.

Alumni and faculty

The UCSF School of Pharmacy is the alma mater of an amazing cadre of alumni leaders who are transforming the role of pharmacy in health care for patients and communities. You’ll learn from faculty members recognized worldwide for their innovations in research and in pharmacy professional education. And you’ll work alongside faculty preceptors in clinical settings to hone your patient care skills; many of these preceptors are UCSF PharmDs.

Beyond the curriculum

Through a vibrant student life environment, you’ll have opportunities to grow as a leader, serve the community, pursue special interests, and enjoy the magnificent San Francisco Bay Area.

Our expert professional staff will support your success inside and outside the classroom and, in conjunction with the faculty, guide your progress through the curriculum.

Our applicants

Given the recognized quality of the program, the UCSF PharmD is a highly prized degree. It’s also within reach.

Out of a pool of more than 500 applicants, we normally admit 122 to 127 UCSF PharmD students each year.

We work to build academically strong, highly diverse classes—filled with students who are passionate about pharmacy and about caring for the needs of patients and communities.

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

Our graduates

The strength of a UCSF PharmD education is evident in the success of our graduates; our graduate outcomes data speaks for itself. The success rate of UCSF PharmD graduates in obtaining residencies and fellowships leads the nation.