The UCSF PharmD

Doctor of Pharmacy
Degree Program

Pharmacy education at UCSF is distinct in ways not possible anywhere else. Our PharmD students learn:

Within a school driven to seek and apply new knowledge through research, teaching, and patient care

UCSF School of Pharmacy

At the world's leading university focused on health and improving health through research


Surrounded by richly diverse people and points of view

San Francisco Bay Area

Scientific mindset, essential knowledge, patient focus

Within this place of discovery and openness, the UCSF PharmD curriculum prepares and inspires inquisitive students with the critical thinking skills, strong science and therapeutics knowledge, and patient focus needed to…

the status quo

Why? → Why not?


How? → What if?


…Guide and drive
change in pharmacy

Work in new ways

Collaborate → Develop solutions


Open doors

Unravel complexity

…All to improve the health of patients

Prepared for challenge and change

Because our PharmD students learn to think scientifically, they'll be ready to meet the continuous challenges they'll face as pharmacists.

Medication use, safety, errors, and nonadherence

Health and climate change

Chronic diseases


Research discoveries

Health care and medication access and cost

Sustainable pharmacy

Health of an aging population

Big data and data access

Gaps in primary care

New kinds of therapeutics and health care models

Transitions of care

Ready for training beyond the PharmD

Advanced specialized training beyond the UCSF PharmD is a powerful combination.

Career paths

  • Community pharmacy
  • Health systems
  • Health policy
  • Research
  • Academia
  • Business
  • Government
  • Industry
  • …more

Training options

  • Residency
  • Fellowship
  • Advanced practice
  • MBA
  • PhD
  • MPH
  • …more

No matter where they choose to use the skills they learn here—and learn after they graduate–UCSF PharmDs are transforming health care through pharmacy, and always with the patient first in mind.

The UCSF PharmD

A limitless future.