Notify Us of a Change of Course Schedule

Students admitted for summer 2024

If you have been offered admission, or a position on the waiting list, for summer 2024 and you have a change in the schedule of classes that you previously reported on your original PharmCAS application, you should complete and submit the form below.

Notify us as soon as you discover the need to change your schedule.

The earlier we are notified, the more likely we will be able to review your changes before your enrollment period.

2025 applicants

If the schedule of classes you proposed in your PharmCAS application changes after you submitted the application, you must record these changes in your PharmCAS application during the Academic Update Window, which will open in December 2024. Do not use the form below.

PDF icon Course Schedule Change Form (PDF, 1 page, 368 KB)

Complete the form on a computer, if possible

If possible, please complete this form on a computer. This improves legibility for us when we process your form.

List all schedule/course changes

Our office cannot make any assumptions about the information you submit. Follow the instructions precisely. In particular:

Fill out the form completely to reflect all course changes at all schools for the fall 2023, winter 2024, spring 2024 and early-summer 2024 terms—even if you are submitting this form after a term has ended.

Submitting the form

After printing and completing the form, send it to our office:


[email protected]


Office of Student and Curricular Affairs
UCSF Med Sci Box 0150
513 Parnassus Ave Rm S960
San Francisco CA 94143 USA

*We recommend that you e-mail rather than mail so that you may receive a reply as quickly as possible. (Staff members are often working remotely and are not in the office on a daily basis.) If you mail, make a copy for your records before mailing.

Don’t wait to enroll

Since it is easier to adjust a schedule made during your enrollment period than to create a new schedule after that period has passed, you should not skip your enrollment period waiting for our response. If necessary, adjustments to that schedule can be made at a later date.

Do not contact us to check status

Please do not contact our office to check on the status of your Course Schedule Change. The enrollment periods at most colleges and universities occur within the same time frame, and we receive a large number of these requests during that period. We will be unable to respond to your inquiries.

How we will respond

We’ll send you an e-mail upon completing our review of your Course Schedule Change. Most schedule changes are approved. If, however, your proposed changes might affect your eligibility, we will contact you to discuss the best resolution.

I’m changing courses that aren’t related to the pharmacy prerequisites. Must I notify your office of these changes?

Yes, since we also consider your course load in evaluating your performance, you must still inform us of your current and planned course schedules—even for courses unrelated to the prerequisites.

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