Financial Aid and Cost

We strive to meet the financial needs of all our PharmD students. Nearly 97% of our students receive some combination of campus scholarships, professional school scholarships, and other need-based financial support. UCSF also provides a variety of other financial resources to help students thrive over the course of their education.

For inquiries about financial aid upon admission, please contact Joel W. Gonzales ([email protected]).

For inquiries about financial aid for current students, please contact Elliot Yau ([email protected]), the financial aid advisor and work-study coordinator in UCSF Student Financial Services assigned to the School of Pharmacy.

Tuition and fees

Estimated student fees for 2023–24

Actual tuition, fees, and charges are set by the Regents of the University of California and subject to change. Tuition and fees are collected every quarter during the three-year PharmD program.

Students who are not California residents will notice that they are subject to an additional tuition fee but may be able to establish residency for tuition purposes after the first year; see California Residency.

Financial aid

UCSF Student Financial Services works closely with the School of Pharmacy to meet student financial need through scholarships, grants, and loans. The School has 25 scholarship funds and 10 donor-funded scholarship funds that support about 100 need and merit awards, many of which focus on diversity and out-of-state applicants.

Upon admission, prospective students receive a financial aid estimate for the first year of pharmacy school. Enrolled students receive ongoing support with applying for financial aid through completion of their PharmD degrees.


Enrolled students will receive an announcement about available School of Pharmacy scholarships by December of each year and may apply the following January (contact: [email protected]). Scholarships offered by outside entities can be explored via Student Financial Services’ Outside Scholarship List.

Work study

UCSF’s work-study program provides avenues for students to earn income while in school. Explore current work-study opportunities.

Student budget and housing

Student Financial Services provides estimated student budgets, which factor into financial aid amounts. Total cost of attendance for pharmacy school includes tuition and fees, loan fees, books and supplies, and cost-of-living.

UCSF offers students additional assistance to make living in San Francisco more affordable. This support can help cover housing and utilities, food, transportation, computers and printers, and personal, miscellaneous, and medical expenses. The university also directly offers housing to students and their families via Campus Life Services.

Managing student debt

As students approach completion of their PharmD degrees and enter the workforce, they are encouraged to use Student Financial Services’ debt management resources, including tools for debt management and opportunities to learn about loan repayment.