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About the office

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) focuses on outreach, admissions, and the administrative needs of students in the PharmD degree program. It:

  • recruits and admits students.
  • provides academic advising.
  • supports student well-being and success.
  • supports career and professional development.

Part of the PharmD Education Unit in the Dean’s Office, it is managed by the associate dean of student affairs, who reports to the co-vice deans of PharmD education, who report to the dean.

Responsibilities include

Outreach, recruitment, and admissions
  • Organizing programs for prospective students; providing presentations, campus visits, and informational events.

  • Administering the PharmD admissions process.

  • Administering the pharmacy cohort of the Post-Baccalaureate Program.

Academic services and advising
  • Advising students on academic, professional, and personal concerns; making referrals to campus services as needed.

  • Coordinating tutoring program.

  • Implementing annual Law and Clinical Review.

  • Serving as the liaison with California Board of Pharmacy for PharmD students.

Academic records and scheduling
  • Maintaining academic records for PharmD students.

  • Coordinating room reservations for PharmD curriculum needs.

  • Serving as the liaison with UCSF’s Office of the Registrar and Student Financial Aid Office.

  • Providing enrollment verification.

Career services
  • Coordinating workshops, presentations, and events on career issues.

  • Planning annual Career Fair and placement interviews.

  • Disseminating information to students on internships; residencies; postgraduate fellowships, degree programs, and jobs.

  • Collecting data regarding placement of PharmD students through a Fall Internship Survey and a Graduating Student Survey.

Scholarships and awards
  • Administering scholarships disbursed through Financial Aid.

  • Coordinating selection of scholarships funded through School of Pharmacy endowments and external donations.

  • Coordinating selection of student awards presented by the School of Pharmacy.

  • Planning an annual recognition event for award and scholarship recipients.

  • Disseminating information to students about awards and scholarship opportunities.

Student organizations and student programs
  • Administering funds for Associated Students of the School of Pharmacy.

  • Providing financial support for student participation in professional meetings.

  • Providing advice on leadership issues and organizational dynamics.

  • Coordinating UCSF participation in the annual California Pharmacy Student Leadership Conference.

Special events
  • Coordinating an annual orientation program in conjunction with student counseling staff members.

  • Planning the annual White Coat Ceremony.

  • Coordinating the School of Pharmacy commencement.

Expertise includes

  • Responsive services and programs to address the needs of PharmD students.

  • Student advising on academic and non-academic matters.

  • Management of student needs, issues, and concerns, working with faculty members.

  • Event planning and management to promote community and mark student transitions within the PharmD program.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the PharmD program required to serve as an expert resource for students, faculty members, alumni, and employers about the program and its students.

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[email protected]



Office of Student Affairs
Medical Sciences Box 0150
513 Parnassus Ave Rm S960
San Francisco CA 94143


Monday through Thursday
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific time

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Office members


Associate Dean of Student Affairs
+1 415 502-8151
Director of Student Affairs


Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
Student Affairs Project Specialist
Admissions Director
+1 415 502-5368
Admissions Coordinator
+1 415 502-5370
Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
Student Learning Director and PharmD Advisor
+1 415 502-4868
Assistant Director of Student Experience

Organization chart

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Reports to

Kathy Giacomini, PhD, BSPharm


UCSF Chancellor

Igor Mitrovic, MD and Conan MacDougall, PharmD, MAS Co-vice Deans of PharmD Education

Kathy Giacomini, PhD, BSPharm

Pam Schultz, MBA

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Igor Mitrovic, MD and Conan MacDougall, PharmD, MAS

Joel W. Gonzales

Admissions Director

Pam Schultz, MBA

Edgar Micua

Admissions Coordinator

Joel W. Gonzales

Lauren Anderson, MEd

Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator

Joel W. Gonzales

Julia Shefcik, MFA

Assistant Director of Student Experience

Pam Schultz, MBA

Leslie Chocano Solis

Student Affairs Project Specialist

Julia Shefcik, MFA

Kiyomi Noguchi
Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
Julia Shefcik, MFA

Robyn Kurland, MS

PharmD Advisor

Pam Schultz, MBA

Julie Reed, MSSW, PhD

Student Learning Director and Advisor

Pam Schultz, MBA