Employer Opportunities to Connect

The UCSF PharmD is ready to contribute.

The UCSF PharmD is a multifaceted and compassionate leader in pharmacy with a scientific mindset and an unmatched professional skillset, who is prepared for diverse and dynamic careers in pharmacy and beyond. These qualities, combined with their ingenuity and adaptability, mean UCSF PharmD graduates are in high demand in the health care marketplace.

The UCSF School of Pharmacy PharmD degree program is a nationally renowned, top-ranked program that enrolls approximately 480 of the nation’s most promising pharmacy students, and graduates more than 100 new UCSF PharmDs each spring.

Our graduates bring well-honed communications and patient care skills to the workplace, ready to meet the business and health provider needs of employers. UCSF PharmDs think critically, scientifically, and creatively—to solve problems, to innovate, and to lead.

As they complete their education at UCSF, they’re ready to:

  • Be visible, accountable, and effective … in teams, interprofessionally, and within systems
  • Examine complex pharmacy problems from all angles … not just from a single point of view
  • Welcome ambiguity … as opportunity
  • Learn continually … as a daily part of professional practice
  • Adapt … to meet the needs of changing situations

Our rigorous three-year, year-round curriculum provides our graduates with strong foundational knowledge in science and therapeutics; pharmacy practice experiences that reflect the situations and challenges of practicing pharmacists; and unique opportunities to explore the latest scientific developments and innovations in patient care. This learning evolves through a steady application of scientific thinking across all coursework, all focused on preparing pharmacists to be effective problem solvers.

Connect with UCSF PharmD students and graduates

You can connect with our PharmD students and graduates in a number of different ways.

Intern opportunities

Organizations that employ students as intern pharmacists can hold information sessions on campus to describe intern opportunities for first- and second-year PharmD students. If you’re interested in scheduling an information session to talk with our PharmD students about possible intern positions, contact [email protected].

Graduate Placement Connection

The Office of Student Affairs works closely with employers to provide current information about how our graduates can meet with representatives of organizations hiring pharmacists to discuss professional opportunities. To participate in the Graduate Placement Connection, contact [email protected].

Job postings

Employers can Submit Job Postings to our PharmD Graduates.

To discuss connecting with UCSF PharmDs, contact [email protected].