Admission Status


If you’ve been accepted to the PharmD program, congratulations! Your notice will contain all necessary instructions for accepting or declining the offer. Follow the instructions provided in your offer letter to accept or decline our offer of admission. You must accept the offer by the date designated in the offer. If we do not hear from you by that deadline, your offer of admission will be withdrawn, and your application will be canceled.


  1. Is there a process to appeal a decision of denial?
    Yes. To receive instructions on the process, contact us at [email protected].
  2. May I apply again in a future application cycle?
    Yes. You will have to submit a new application through PharmCAS.


If you’ve been offered a place on our waiting list, congratulations! If a place in the incoming class becomes available, the first person on the list will be offered that position.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How can I find out if I’m admitted?
    You must wait to hear from our office. All applicants will be notified of their admission status as soon as admissions decisions are finalized. We are well aware of how stressful this time can be for applicants, and we do everything we can to complete the process as efficiently as possible. We ask for your help at this time by not contacting us to check on your admission status and by waiting for our notification.

  2. When will I be notified?
    Although we do not have rolling admissions, the time frame for receiving your final notice can vary quite a bit. Final decisions are usually mailed by March 1.

  3. How will I be notified?
    All notifications are sent through electronic mail.

  4. Can I get my admission status over the phone?
    We ask that you not call our office to check on your status.

  5. Can I get an early answer?
    We do not have an early decision program. You will have to wait for our notice.

  6. All the people in my pre-pharmacy club have received their notices, but I haven’t received anything. Does this mean I’ve been denied?

  7. About the waitlist

    1. How do spaces in the entering class become available?
      Admitted applicants decline, usually for personal reasons; or, we withdraw the offer for not fulfilling all of the requirements for admission. For example: financial issues, personal issues, or medical issues sometimes prevent an applicant from accepting an offer. Every year some applicants are also administratively canceled. This could be for failing a prerequisite, not completing all the prerequisites, or not submitting documents or other verification materials required by the University.
    2. Where am I on the waiting list?

      We contact all waitlisted applicants on a regular basis to let them know their position on the list. We will contact you immediately if we are able to offer you a place in the entering class.

    3. What are my chances?
      Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how many accepted applicants will decline their admission offer or be canceled.
    4. How soon will I know?
      Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when accepted applicants will decline our offer or be canceled. The waiting list remains open until the first day of orientation. If your name is on the waiting list, but you are not offered admission by this day, your application will be formally denied and you will be notified by email.
    5. How many from the waitlist are accepted each year?
      Since the reasons for declining an admission offer or for being canceled are often related to personal or unexpected situations, it is impossible to predict the number of waitlisted applicants that will be offered admission in any given year. In the past, we have offered acceptance to as few as three and as many as 50 people on the waiting list.
    6. If I am offered admission, how will I be contacted?
      We immediately contact the first person on the waiting list. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep us informed if your contact information changes. If we cannot reach you by telephone or e-mail, or if you do not reply within the allotted timeframe, we assume you are no longer interested in attending UCSF. Your application is canceled and the position is offered to the next person on the list.

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