2022 News

The Alzheimer's disease brain, with build ups of tau protein on the inside and beta amyloid protein on the outside
Pharmaceutical chemist Arkin and neurologist Grinberg discover a new protein aggregate in Alzheimer’s disease.
Kearney places a graduation hood on a student on stage
Commencement ushers in a new normal for honoring the School’s graduates
La standing in cap and gown and holding golden bowl
Winning PharmD student greeted with a roar of cheers at this year’s commencement
Interim Dean Thomas Kearney provides the latest on the School’s activities and announces the selection of the next dean, Kathy Giacomini, PhD
Renowned pharmaceutical scientist brings decades of experience at the intersection of research, patient care, and education to lead the School
Rambaran and Sofeso
The School’s Health Equity Interns have partnered with faculty to dismantle bias in the PharmD program
This year’s Distinguished Alum found a career’s worth of inspiration from formative experiences in pharmacy school
Dresser is the first openly-LGBTQ president of the ASCPT
Guglielmo leaves a legacy spanning pharmacy, science, sustainability, and DEI.
This year’s Seed Awards will support projects ranging from the discovery sciences and patient care to sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion
Hsia and Cocohoba
School faculty members honored for their contributions to patient care and education
Burbige and Alcala
Newly-minted pharmacists gain specialized skills through residencies.
Two pharmacists walking past two barbers and their clients in a barbershop
Crystal Zhou, PharmD, teams up with the Cut Hypertension Program to provide medication management and COVID vaccines in Black-owned barbershops.
Ahituv and Inoue
School research into health, disease, and medicine earned the most NIH research dollars of any U.S. pharmacy school for the 42nd consecutive year.
The search for the School’s next dean is ongoing.
Gartner holding a petri dish
Gartner, Huang, Manglik, Kortemme, Savic, and Shipman honored for visionary research endeavors
Human cells dotted with viral particles
Findings from QBI point to a host of viral proteins that enable SARS-CoV-2 variants to evade the immune system.