2021 News

Child sitting on a bed surrounded by a bed net
Study shows that monthly doses of two common anti-malarial drugs for the first few years of life can provide 95 percent protection against the disease.
Round, oval, and oblong pills
PhD students and postdoctoral researchers earn the 2022 Presidential Trainee Award
A branching network of protein systems
Scientists at the UCSF Quantitative Biosciences institute developed a new approach for understanding cancer and applied it to breast cancer and cancers of the neck and head
The dean’s final update, including a major advance in tuberculosis treatment and leading UCSF on energy-efficient freezers.
The newest PharmD class kicked off its training in the field of pharmacy with orientation and the White Coat Ceremony
Esteban G. Burchard, MD, MPH, delivered the 20th Annual Faculty Research Lecture in Clinical Science on November 2.
Laboratory bottles and boxes covered in frost in a freezer
The UCSF School of Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management work to halve the carbon footprint of ultra-low temperature storage
Alumna Ana Najafi, PharmD ’21, shares her experience fighting for responsible regulation of vitamin B6
PharmD students organized the annual Vaccinate the Dean event and administered the influenza vaccine to Dean Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD.
Giacomini earns the highest honor given by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.
Research unearths new details about the protein networks that keep cells healthy
Honor recognizes outstanding commitment and service to the advancement of women
Scientist in a blue laboratory coat
Kroetz brings expertise in both science and pharmacy education to her new role as department chair.
Masked student prepares a medication for injection in the emergency room
Amid strict precautions to prevent transmission of COVID-19, PharmD students gain necessary experience with in-person pharmacy practice.
two blue plates with tubes
The Kidney Project earned a $650,000 award for a successful demonstration of its artificial kidney
bacterial cells
A large trial of a new drug regimen for tuberculosis, designed in part by School researchers, leads to a new WHO recommendation for treating the disease.
Medication bottles on shelves in a pharmacy
PharmD students assess pharmacist furnishing of HIV medications under California's SB-159
School leadership changes, our ongoing fight against COVID-19, and the latest accomplishments of students, faculty members, and staff members
Lam, Lin, Hassani, and Tong
A team of pharmacy students takes top honors in the ISPOR Pharmacoeconomic Debate.
Cell surrounded by viral particles
Research into SARS-CoV-2 variants and potential therapies pushes forward
Helium recycling equipment
The School is now recycling much of the helium used in its NMR facilities.
Over 200 new graduates take on a lifetime of responsibility in health care
Lejano receives shot
Information on the safety of the new COVID-19 vaccines, who should get them, and more.
Illustration of chromosomes and double helix of DNA
Research on Neanderthal DNA reveals new details about our evolutionary cousins
Viral particles and cells
The Wells Lab developed an efficient test for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
Clayton injects Go with a saline shot.
Faculty members in the School organized a free immunization training for California pharmacists.
Student inspecting a patient's medication bottle
A task force brainstorms new ways to make the PharmD curriculum anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive
The Mary Anne Koda-Kimble Seed Award for Innovation will fuel eight bold research projects across the School this year
All the latest on COVID-19 vaccinations, a careful return to in-person education, science, and more.
Burchard and Oni-Orisan contribute to two opinion pieces grappling with issues of race and inequity in medicine
Collaborative effort ensures precision medicine will be based on the genetics of a diverse pool of people
The School community celebrated the establishment of the Bob Day Student Center and the Bob Day Student Support Fund.
Over $40 million in 2020 NIH funding to the School supported research ranging from the genomics of asthma to new malaria treatments
A UCSF Magazine feature traces a School faculty member’s journey as both a patient and teacher.
sea squirt.
“If you get a drug that targets a human protein, it would be incredibly hard for the virus to mutate away from being reliant on it,” said Nevan Krogan, the director of QBI.
Aludino and employee record dose of vaccine
Pharmacy students, technicians, faculty members, and providers all pitched in to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.
DNA double helix
Advance opens up new possibilities for CAR T-cell therapy to treat a variety of cancers
The School’s recent PharmD graduates were honored with a virtual commencement ceremony.